You know, when it comes time to practice sports, especially at the beach, you tend not to pay much attention to the choice of sunglasses causing your eyes stress and damage that could be avoided. On the market, however, there are glasses designed specifically to protect the eyes from the aggression of the sun and the glare of light. The characteristics of these glasses are:

Polarized lenses

During sporting practice, polarized lenses greatly reduce or eliminate the reflected brightness, improving the perception of contrasts and colors with the result of a clearer vision and less strain on the retina.

Wraparound models

The eyewear model most suitable for water sports must be enveloping, that is, able to block the reflections of light, preventing the rays from reaching the eyes from the sides or from below.

It is also advisable not to leave the goggles exposed to the sun when they are not wearing, as they may be irreversibly damaged by the frame material and lens treatments.


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